Would you be Able to Identify Mold in your Commercial Building ? Why it’s important you do

Being an owner of a commercial building, means you make all the decision when it comes to any structural changes to the building. Those selections also include the responsibility to ensure maintenance of any damage that can occur to building materials, walls and finishes.In the state of Massachusetts, mold is a very big concern for homes and businesses. Taking the necessary precautions for mold toxicity, can keep you in the clear of any lawsuits that could threaten your commercial space and help avoid penalties that could result costly in the future.

Although incidents of mold are more common among home residences, taking the cautionary route will help you avoid any of the concerns that may arise.

The major lawsuits encircling mold toxicity in commercial property, involve lawsuits pertaining to property damage and personal injury. Staying aware of mold  growth within  a commercial building by identifying the signs that indicate a problem, will allow you to protect yourself and the health of the employees working there. The common symptoms of mold exposure involve a stuffy nose, irritation to the eyes, as well as other upper respiratory problems. There can be more severe reactions with the longevity of mold inhalation such as infection of the lungs. This can be the case while working in a setting surrounded by mold over a period of time.

Despite the fact that you may not be able to physically identify the mold in your building, does not mean it is not present. There are steps you can take to be proactive and protect the health of your building, and the residents in it. The first is to have regular inspections of your building for any mold in the area. The inspector will identify any problem areas surrounding dampness and ventilation issues. Once the mold has been determined in your building, the process will continue on to have the mold removed permanently from the building. This is where Mold Doctors come in.

Mold Doctors an expert in mold for over 20 years, can help you inspect your building and assist you in the remediation of the mold so your building can remain mold free.

If you suspect your building may have mold growth and would like to have a mold remediation specialist inspect the area contact us today!

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