Winter Tips

Round 3 of serious snowfall has finally ended and everyone is left wondering what we’re going to do with the aftermath.  While shoveling, plowing and dodging slick patches are high on the priority list right now, be sure that you are being cautious about other specific areas of your home as well.

Take the appropriate steps to ensure that pipes do not freeze; pipes that are exposed to colder temps need extra attention so they remain in safe, functioning conditions.  Burst pipes can create extreme damage and a very unwanted mess.

Remove excess snow from your roof;  a build-up of snow that begins to melt and form ice dams can cause serious leaks and damage.

Both of these situations require proactive efforts, as each can result in the development of mold inside your home.  Water has the power to quickly seep into various areas of your home, and while you will already be dealing with the costs and stress of other damages, the last thing you’ll want to do is schedule mold removal services as well.

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