Why Does Mold Grow in my Home?

Mold is an indispensable component of the ecosystem, contributing to the breaking down of trees and leaves. However, it is unhealthy to allow them to grow within our living space. Reproduction of mold occurs through invisible tiny spores. The moment mold spores find their way to wet surfaces, mold growth begins. These fungi come in different forms, but every type requires the presence of moisture to grow. 

So if you find these fungi in your home, there is probably excess moisture in the atmosphere that allows the mold to thrive.

Can My Health Be Affected By The Presence Of Mold?

Mold will not develop within your living space except their spores get connected to wet surfaces. There is a high probability that some people may develop health challenges if mold begins to grow in their homes. 

Molds contain allergens and also mycotoxins that could cause serious health hazards to people. Some signs are allergy are running nose, sneezing, body itching, and swollen eyes. These symptoms may appear immediately or after coming in contact with them. Furthermore, people who have asthma should avoid getting closer to mold, especially if they are allergic. Lastly, inhaling these fungi can irritate the body system, which could also affect the lungs.

However, there hasn’t been a definitive conclusion on how mold affects human health. Researchers are working tirelessly to discover other symptoms.

Getting Rid Of Mold Before And After Growing

While it is possible to clean mold from your apartment, you cannot get rid of them entirely. This is because most mold spores float through the air and dust. However, they can remain in that state for many days until they come in contact with moisture. So, it is your responsibility to prevent them from growing by taking care of moisture areas. 

Furthermore, always clear out the molds as soon as you find them in your home. Repair all damaged water systems in your home to prevent a conducive environment for them to thrive. 

Cleaning up Mold in the House

You can clean up molds by yourself or engage the service of a professional. 

  • Minor growth caused by water damage can be cleaned personally. However, serious damage may require the expertise of professionals.
  •  Also, if you have allergies, get a professional to assist you.


Keeping your environment dry is key to preventing mold growth. There are instances where you cannot prevent wet surfaces. In such situations, installing a dehumidifier in your home is essential. Other ways of keeping mold from growing include; blowing away moisture with fans, growing plants that absorb water, and ensuring surfaces are dry before leaving the spot.

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