What to Avoid When Cleaning Mold & Mildew from the Home

Cleaning mold and mildew from your home is not only dirty and challenging but can also be dangerous. There are many things that you should avoid when undertaking a project that involves mold. Consider your safety first and know these things when cleaning mold and mildew. 

Leaving it too Long

Most people are unaware that water or moisture takes as little as 24 hours to create a mold or mildew problem. With so little time for a trial to develop, leaving the mold or mildew for too long can result in an even bigger problem. It can be imperative to clean mold or mildew as soon as it is spotted. Leaving it will not only make it harder to clean in the future, but it can be dangerous.

Exposure to Mold

Exposure to mold over time can result in dangerous health concerns, especially when a mold allergy is present. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of a mold allergy until exposure. To prevent health concerns, including breathing issues, itchy and watery eyes, and rashes, have mold cleaned immediately. 

Should you choose to clean mold yourself, you must take measures to protect yourself from exposure. PPE is not only brilliant when cleaning mold but also necessary. Eye protection, a mask, and rubber gloves are the primary components of PPE for cleaning at-home mold. However, more protective gear may be required if the mold issue is more severe.

Painting Over Mold

Mold resistance is an excellent addition to paint, but it does not mean it kills existing mold. When mold is present, you must properly clean it before any painting starts. Since many modern paints are water-based, painting over mold will likely feed it. 

Cleaning Mold Without Taking Care of Cause

Even if you took all the proper steps in cleaning mold, if you failed to prevent it from occurring again, it was all for nothing. It would be best to address the cause of decay before cleaning less you plan to clean mold regularly – this is not recommended. Since mold is typically caused by moisture, search for leaky pipes, windows, or a lack of ventilation and fix the issue to prevent reoccurring concerns. 

Incorrect Cleaning Supplies

Mold requires some specific cleaning supplies to be cleared out completely. Many believe that bleach is an adequate cleaner for mold. This is untrue! A mixture of bleach and water, like many use for cleaning, can worsen the mold problem. Instead, purchase products intended for killing the mold at its roots. 

Get Mold and Mildew Help!

You may want to handle things independently when you have a home with mold or mildew. However, while it is possible to clean mold properly without experience, professionals can clean the property of mold and mildew safely, efficiently, and expertly. Mold Doctors is the expert you want on this job!

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