The Most Common Places For Mold in Your Home

Mold grows and multiplies at a very high speed, creating mycelia and spores. Mold isn’t just a danger to your health, but it can also be a danger to your home. It likes to grow in dark places you may never think to check and can result in structural damage. 

How does mold grow?

Mold most commonly grows when we provide it with the moisture and nutrient it needs. If there is not enough ventilation in your home to extract the humidity, it can result in a slow accumulation in your home. Some mold will grow in the presence of high moisture and appear even if you do not see water. Here are a few places you should check in your home from time to time for mold growth;

Check your bathroom.

Bathrooms are a very humid environment that could likely contribute to mold growth in your home. Bathroom sinks are one place in your home where moisture and leaks go unnoticed. Every time someone stores something on the bathroom sink, water might leak into the enclosed space, creating moisture buildup that will enable mold growth. It would help if you cleaned these areas with a dry cloth to keep the mold at bay.

Check your closets. 

Your closet is like a dungeon, especially if you have children. Maybe they threw away a backpack wet from a camping trip or wet shoes after playing outside. Adults are also victims of this. Someone can keep their wet gym bag in a closet and not think about the consequences. Mold could be hidden in your closets, which is a situation that needs attention. Breeding these mold spores constitutes a health hazard, and being so close to your bedroom and the clothing you wear is dangerous. So, when cleaning your closet, you want to keep an eye on these things.

Check your basement and attic. 

Lastly, check your basements and attics! Basements are dark and often damp, the best environment for mold growth. In addition, attics are prone to leaks and harsh weather; therefore, they can experience more moisture and humidity than other areas of your home. Check the corners and around the items, you store in the basement and attic. When you notice mold, you can call experts like the Mold Doctors to remove them instead of personally removing them – we have the proper tools to remove it safely and permanently.

Contact Mold Doctors For Mold & Germ Remediation Services

If you see mold or suspect that mold is growing in your home, contact Mold Doctors today for an inspection. Mold remediation and removal services should be applied to ensure that your home or business is free of mold or toxins long-term. Reach out to us today for a free quote or call us directly at (508) 534–9091. We proudly serve Yarmouth, Dennis, Barnstable, and the rest of Cape Cod & South Shore Area.

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