Spring Showers – Mold’s Favorite Weather

Spring has finally arrived, bringing with it mild temperatures, cool breezes, and the sun we’ve all missed for so long. But one of the constants of the weather in the northeast is that it changes. And while it’s warm and sunny some days, it will be warm and rainy on others. This rain will present mold a nearly perfect environment to grow. It only needs one thing to thrive: a place to live, such as the interior of your home. A small leak in your home exterior that lets warm rainwater in will give mold exactly what it needs to grow, reproduce, and grow some more.

This can create a costly mold problem. But there are ways to minimize your risk, and avoid the problem before it starts. For example, examine the seams around your home’s doors and windows, where cracks are most likely to form. If you see a crack beginning to form, patch it quickly with the proper materials (your local hardware store will be able to recommend some). Be sure to clean your rain gutters regularly, and keep your air conditioning drip pans cleaned.

By following these recommendations, you can mitigate much of your mold risk from the rainy season, and save on costly mold remediation.

If you do find mold in your home, an experienced professional mold removal service, such as Mold Doctors, is your best bet. We ensure that we effectively remove all of the mold, and return your house to a healthy, comfortable home. Call us today for all of your mold removal and remediation needs.

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