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Snow Mold Prevention

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Springtime is finally here, and winter’s blanket of snow is starting to melt away. People can now see green patches of grass in their lawns and the perennial bulbs begin to sprout through the surface, the welcome signs that spring has arrived. But what if you find something that you weren’t expecting to be there? Spring can also show you a hidden fungal lawn disease called snow mold.

But What is Snow Mold?

Ever seen your lawn with spider-web like white substance? I hate to break it to you, but you have snow mold in your lawn. As the temperature increases and it starts to arm up, snow mold usually begins because the fungi can thrive. With lawns being damp enough and temperature being in between 32 degrees and 60 degrees, snow mold can flourish in your lawn.

How Dangerous Is It?

Snow mold may look unattractive and all, but the good news is that it doesn’t pose any serious threat to your health. Snow mold usually dries up as soon as the temperature rises up above 60 degrees and the sun kills the fungi that’s infecting the lawn. However, there are simple ways you can get rid off snow mold quicker. One of them is by spreading around the snow mold with the use of a rake. By raking your lawn, you allow it to get more air flow and help dry it out faster.


There are a couple of things you can do to prevent snow molds from flourishing in your lawn. One thing you can do is to start even before the first snowfall. In the late fall, make sure that you mow your lawn to a short height. This will lessen the chances of the grass to retain moisture during the winter season.

Another simple and easy prevention technique is to spread around the snow in your lawn during the winter season. By spreading out large piles of snow in different areas, you allow the snow to melt more quickly and decrease the chances of retaining moisture.

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