water in the basement

Signs That You Have Mold in Your Basement

water in the basement

In many homes in the Cape Cod area, mold can be a major problem and can seriously damage your health. Since the basement is a very humid place in your home, mold can easily grow with the slightest of moisture. So, how can you recognize the existence of basement mold?

Mold grows easier if your home is built on a former swamp or wetland and because of the moist soil. If you encounter or suspect there is mold growing, contact a professional mold remediation company for an inspection. Although not all mold is toxic, yet, there is no mold in this world that is beneficial to you.

Here are some symptoms that can easily perceive:
  • Leaking water pipes in the past
  • Construction waste
  • Lack of ventilation

If your pipes had leaked in the past, they might have caused a damp atmosphere in the basement. Mold loves this kind of atmosphere and it could do some serious damage to the wooden parts of your home or building. Cracking sounds might appear with a damp wooden floor or staircase because the damp atmosphere caused the wooden structure to be weaker.

Construction waste that is left in a basement can attract pests like rats, mice, cockroaches, and centipedes. They can bring moisture into the room and mold can grow easily. So, it is important to keep the environment clean and tidy.

Make sure to keep your basement properly ventilated. An area that is not properly ventilated can cause mold to develop. During the warmer months, open your basement windows to keep the air flowing to prevent any moisture from developing.

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Do you recognize any of these symptoms in your own home or apartment building? If you see any signs of mold, contact Mold Doctors immediately. We are mold remediation and mold removal specialists serving the Cape Cod area. Mold Doctors have served residents in Yarmouth, Dennis, Barnstable, Chatham, and more. Contact us today for a free inspection.

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