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About Our Non-Invasive Mold Removal

The most common type of mold remediation is our non-invasive mold removal services. This remediation process consists mostly of HEPA vacuuming, surface wiping, botanical enzyme fogging, and HEPA air filtering. HEPA refers to high-efficiency particulate air. These vacuums contain filters capable of trapping extremely small, micron-sized particles. This makes them an excellent choice for getting rid of a non-invasive mold.

Most building materials contaminated with surface mold (wood, glossy painted wood, etc.) can be effectively decontaminated with this non-invasive process. Before leaving your home, we will ensure that it passes a third-party environmental assessment and testing. The main cause of surface mold is the increase in relative humidity (Rh) inside the structure. In these cases, non-invasive remediation is generally the best option for your home. During the hot, humid months, it is incredibly important to check your home for mold and invest in a dehumidifier. 

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About Mold Doctors

Mold Doctors are located in Cape Cod and can provide our non-invasive mold removal services to those living on the Cape and the South Shore of MA. After providing a free inspection, our team will work to solve the problem and will even provide an optional post-inspection by a certified environmentalist to inspect and test all work performed. Our team is not only dedicated to getting rid of the mold but providing you and your family with a healthy and comfortable environment.

In addition to the optional environmentalist inspection, The Mold Doctors will provide a post-test to inspect and test all work performed. This assures the home is remediated to the Scope of Work that was provided, and you can rest assured that your home’s air quality is at a normal healthy level for you and your family! 

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