Reasons to Get a Humidifier


Many people might consider a humidifier is not a necessity but it is an important item to have if you have allergy problems or if you are worried about your health. It can have a huge impact on your life.

Here are three reasons why you should buy a humidifier.

1.  You Have Allergies

There are many common allergens that thrive in humid air and some of them are harmful to your body. The grossest of them all is dust mites, they love the damp spaces and if the room is above 50% humidity, they thrive in it. They will survive by eating dead skin from humans and pets and because they are invisible to the eye, it is impossible to get rid of them by simply cleaning the area. Dust mites will destroy your rugs, furniture, and your respiratory system.

2. Lower Energy Bill

Did you know a humid house is more difficult to cool? It is twice as hard for your air conditioner to dry the air before cooling it. In the summer, the wet air feels warmer than dry air at the same temperature, as a result, homeowners turn down the thermostat or their air conditioner to feel more comfortable.

3. You Have Mold

In many homes of Cape Cod and South Shore, they are equipped with a basement, and the odor of mold can be smelled if you are in the basement. Mold can also cause damages to your home’s structure. Mold can be formed when the humidity of a home is 60% or above and it can do damages to walls, structures, and carpets. By drying out the air, it is harder for mold spores to grow and spread themselves.

Contact Mold Doctors

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