Reflectix Insulation

reflectixReflective insulation, also called a radiant barrier, is a metallic foil material (usually aluminum) designed to block radiant heat transfer across open spaces. Reflective insulation is most effective at keeping a building cool in summer.  Reflective insulation works by providing a barrier to heat getting into house through the ceiling in summer and reducing the loss of heat from your home in winter.


  • Light weight, very strong and easy to install
  • Moisture barrier - will not allow moisture to pass through in either direction
  • Eliminates condensation within the ceiling and walls
  • Unaffected by humidity with lower moisture transfer and absorption rates than mass insulation - no mildew, mold or fungus growth
  • No significant mass to absorb and retain heat
  • No change thermal performance over time due to compaction, disintegration or moisture absorption - common concerns with mass insulation
  • Not a nesting material for rodents, birds or insects
  • Non Toxic & Asthma Safe

Santa Fe Dehumidifiers Classic

Santa Fe Classic The Santa Fe Classic is an easy to use Dehumidifier for all of those hard to reach places in your home. With vertical handle and Design it makes this the perfect Dehumidifier to use in basements and places where mold can grow. It's capabilities include high capacity blower for optimal air movement,optional duct kits and condensate pumps provide multiple installation options for greater flexibility

Santa Fe Dehumidifiers Compact 2

Santa Fe Compact 2 The Santa Fe Compact 2 is dehumidifier for all of those hard to reach places in your home. With the capability to get in between crawl spaces without giving up power and performance it is the perfect dehumidifier for places like basements and small areas. It has been sized to fit between floor joists for convenient hanging installation and includes rotatable exhaust outlet provides for horizontal or vertical discharge