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Preventing Mold During Construction

construction project

During building construction, mold could grow anywhere. With mold, the progress could be slowed and the costs could increase when replacing the affected materials and remediation. In the Cape Cod area, because the wet climate, moisture can develop and lead to mold easily. Where there is organic matter, water and heat, mold would be thriving to grow. Having mold grow during a construction project can be a major roadblock and would lead to delays to the project. With careful and detailed inspections, you can prevent problems like this from happening! Here is a  couple of things you need to know.

Construction Site

The location of the construction site is very important in preventing any moisture problems. The site should come with a high water table and the land should be drained to redirect rain and snow away from the site. Also, be aware of the materials used in your construction project. Although wood framing and subfloors are least likely to have molds, they are still susceptible to having it especially if left exposed for a long period of time.


The storage location should be dry and covered. The materials should be stored under a roof and a few feet off the ground. Use plastic sheets to keep the materials dry. It is highly recommended to limit storage time and have the delivery delivered to your site just before they are going to be used. If the material gets wet, let it dry before using it. The wood material should contain no more than 19% moisture. A dehumidifier should be used if the storage area is very humid. By reducing the moisture, it reduces the possibility of mold growth.

Mold Doctors

If there are signs of mold, calling removal professionals like Mold Doctors is the only possible solution. If you see mold, mold remediation should be applied to ensure the material is okay to be used. Do not count on luck when undertaking such a big project. Reach out to us today for a free quote. We are proud to serve Yarmouth, Dennis, Barnstable and the rest of Cape Cod.

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