Prevent Mold Growth In Your Home During The Spring

Spring is a delightful season! The weather is warmer, and the street is filled with people again. As much as you feel relieved and inspired to explore your environment during spring, always prepare your home for the advancing season. In spring, the environment is moist and conducive for pests and molds. So, as you anticipate the season, prepare for ways to prevent mold growth in your home.

Moisture Control to Prevent Mold Growth

The first element that encourages the growth of mold is moisture. The primary sources of moisture are; condensation, humidity, water damage, and indoor flooding. Preventing mold growth can be an onerous task. However, getting rid of excess moisture in your home can effectively control the growth of mold in your home. 

Other elements that encourage the growth of mold are:

●       Spores

Mold spores are another element that encourages the growth of mold in homes. Every home has a specific concentration of mold spores in the air.

●       Food Source

Mold needs a food source to thrive in our homes. Organic materials such as cellulose are their most common source of food.

Out of the three listed requirements, spores and food sources are always present in all seasons. However, moisture is more peculiar at the beginning of spring. Without excess moisture, mold spores cannot attach themselves to a building structure. That is why you should be proactive with getting rid of excess water in this season.

Nevertheless, never get rid of moisture completely in your environment. This is because a small amount of it, not less than 30%, is needed to avoid adverse health effects. You can prevent excess moisture from accumulating by installing an effective ventilation system across all rooms.

Discovering Mold Growth

It’s easy to identify mold at first sight of it. However, sometimes,  it may not be easily detected, especially if it grows in a confined space. Nonetheless, mold can be easily given off by its musty odor.

If you want to discover hidden mold growth, check areas that have easy access to water.  Also, look out for possible pipe damage in your kitchen and bathrooms— these are the usual places to find them. Both the kitchen and bathroom are vulnerable to water damage. So check regularly to prevent mold growth in these areas.

Your HVAC and home appliances are other potential areas for mold development too. Other places to find mold growth include the basement, leaking pipes, and attic.

Preventing Mold Growth In Your Home During Spring

Mold growth is easier to handle yourself if it is still minimal in your home. However, once the mold has accumulated over time, it is advisable to contact a mold removal professional for help. You can clean off surfaces that have mold growing on them with either bleach or vinegar, depending on the growth level.

But a  massive amount of mold growth in your home may require removal by expertise because it requires some techniques to get it done effectively. Most importantly, follow proper procedures to avoid complications such as the mold colonies releasing additional spores to expand their growth.

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