Mold Removal & Remediation Services in Halifax, MA

Halifax, MA is located in Southeastern Massachusetts and is truly the heart of Plymouth County. Located just 30 miles south of Boston and 12 miles from historic Plymouth, MA, Halifax thrives off of there 11,285 acres. Mold Doctors is proud to service Halifax, the surrounding communities and the entire south shore of Massachusetts with professional mold remediation services. Our industry experts perform home mold inspections, mold removal, and mold odor control services. Here at  Mold Doctors our industry experts guarantee all our mold remediation (when applicable). We also provide an optional third party post-inspection by a certified environmentalist to inspect and test all work that we performed. Please find more about all our mold removal and remediation services below:

Our Mold Remediation Services in Halifax, MA

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If you are beginning to notice signs of mold, calling mold removal professionals such as the Mold Doctors is the best possible solution for you. 

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