Are you located in Truro, MA? Moisture in the air makes homes, businesses, boats, and other structures susceptible to mold growth. Did you know that nearly 35% of American homes suffer from water damage yearly? Water damage is the gateway to mold growth. In addition to property damage, mold in your home can result in mold-related illnesses, such as heightened allergies–sneezing, coughing, and headaches. At Mold Doctors, we offer homeowners and business owners free inspections, mold testing, invasive mold removal, and even BioSweep decontamination services.

Why Is Mold Dangerous?

Although it may seem harmless, mold can cause severe property and health problems. Mold is one of the leading causes of allergy symptoms. If exposed for a prolonged period, it can result in asthma and emphysema. Touching mold can also cause serious problems, so be sure to contact our team if you think you see mold in your home – even if you’re unsure, we’re happy to provide a free inspection just in case. 

We offer both invasive and non-invasive mold removal at Mold Doctors in Cape Cod and the South Shore. Depending on the severity of the mold growth, the building materials may or may not be salvageable. We can use HEPA air filtering and surface wiping or removing porous building materials. 

Invasive Mold Removal

Truro, MA

Extreme moisture infiltration will eventually lead to mold growth within the wall cavities. Typically, this is caused due to deterioration in roofing or siding or a plumbing leak that went unnoticed. These problems caused severe material damage and mold infiltration, which requires discarding porous materials. Once mold growth begins, it won’t stop until it’s completely removed. Removing all damaged building materials is essential to prevent it from spreading any further. 

Non-Invasive Mold Removal

Truro, MA

For surface mold issues—e.g., window sills and bathroom vents—this remediation process consists mainly of HEPA filtering, surface wiping, enzyme fogging, and HEPA vacuuming. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. The vacuums contain filters that trap small, micron-sized mold particles to stop mold growth in its tracks. This is a great way to get rid of non-invasive mold issues. 

Before - Attic Removal
cleaned attic after mold removal
After - Attic Removal

Additional Mold Services in Truro, MA

In addition to invasive and non-invasive mold removal, we also offer free visual inspections, as mentioned above. These are a great way to determine whether you have a mold problem without committing to the costs. We also provide Bay State BioSweep decontamination services, mold prevention services, and bacterial treatments. Contact us to get started


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