Mold Removal Services in Weymouth, MA

Mold Doctors, in Yarmouth, MA, is proud to service commercial and residential mold issues in Weymouth, Massachusetts. We service Cape Cod and the South Shore with our invasive and non-invasive mold remediation. We perform free visual inspections; from there, our team will help you decide which service would best suit your mold situation. Our experts will test all jobs after completing our remediation process to ensure the mold has been effectively mitigated.

Mold Removal Services in Weymouth, MA

We offer a wide range of services for those experiencing mold or bacterial contamination. From invasive removal processes to catalyst fogging, we will ensure your home is mold-free. If you are unsure what treatment would be best for you and your home or business, we can help you decide—contact us today to get started at 508-534-9091 The Mold Doctors care a great deal for your health.  In our economy every dollar should be put to good use. We offer a 10% discount for Senior Citizens and a 10% discount for active Military.  Please mention your status when you contact us for an initial inspection, and view our deals and specials here!

Mold Testing – Weymouth, MA

After our visual inspection is complete, depending on what we find, an air and surface test is typically necessary. This test will identify what types of mold are present in your home, which will tell us the toxicity level and what kind of remediation is needed. 

Free Visual Inspections – Weymouth, MA

One of the first steps in deciphering whether or not you have a mold issue would be to have a visual inspection. The Mold Doctors provide free visual inspections for residential and commercial buildings that may have signs of mold. 

Non-Invasive Mold Removal – Weymouth, MA

For less serious mold situations, we can provide you with noninvasive mold removal services. These typically consist of HEPA vacuuming, surface cleaning, and air filtering. This method effectively decontaminates most contaminated building materials and can even pass third-party assessment and testing, which is done after every remediation. 

Invasive Mold Removal – Weymouth, MA

Our deeper mold remediation service in Weymouth, MA, consists of removing and discarding severely contaminated building materials. This happens when mold cannot be effectively cleaned through our noninvasive removal process. Moisture penetrates through the walls, causing mold growth throughout the wall cavities. 

Additional Bacterial Treatments – Weymouth, MA

In addition to our mold removal services, we offer some additional options to rid your home of bacteria contamination and control odors. The Mold Doctors partner with Bay State Biosweep to offer safe and cost-effective services, including permanent odor eradication in any environment. We also offer bacterial treatments that will help prevent mold growth in the future.

Work with The Mold Doctors in Weymouth, MA

We are certified mold professionals providing residential and commercial mold removal services to those located on the South Shore and Cape Cod. Did you know that nearly 40% of Americans have water damage in their homes yearly? Moisture infiltration is one of the leading causes of mold—it can quickly grow and take over your home. As listed above, we offer various services, including free visual inspections, mold testing, invasive and non-invasive removal, and BioSweep decontamination services.

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