Eastham is known as the “Gate” to the Cape Cod National Seashore. It is home to multiple sites that are part of the National Register of Historic Places. Some of these sites include; the Eastham Windmill – the oldest windmill on Cape Cod, and Nauset Light. Mold Doctors is proud to service Eastham and Cape Cod with professional mold remediation services. We perform home mold inspections, mold removal, and mold odor control services. Contact us to find out more about our process and our prices. Our skilled team can access any mold damage and provide you with the most time and cost-efficient solution. The Mold Doctors will test all jobs after the remediation process to assure that the mold has been successfully treated and mitigated.

In Eastham, MA, due to the proximity to the ocean and the fluctuating weather in Massachusetts, homes and businesses can be more susceptible to mold than in other regions. Addressing mold issues is crucial to maintaining a healthy living environment. We provide invasive and non-invasive mold removal at Mold Doctors in Cape Cod and the South Shore. 

Our Mold Remediation Services in Eastham, MA

Invasive mold removal typically involves removing affected materials from the area that has been contaminated with mold. This often includes tearing out drywall, insulation, or any flooring where mold has taken over. Once mold has contaminated materials in this way, it is crucial to remove everything to prevent further mold growth. At Mold Doctors, we utilize specialized equipment and follow strict protocols to ensure the thorough removal of mold, no matter what it has taken over. Our non-invasive mold removal methods treat surface mold without extensive construction. Specific technologies that we offer, such as HEPA systems – high-efficiency particulate air filtration – are employed to capture and eliminate mold spores. Non-invasive techniques involve eco-friendly antimicrobial solutions that remove surface mold and prevent growth. 

Local conditions in Cape Cod and the South Shore, such as Eastham, MA, have high humidity and moisture levels, which can contribute highly to mold proliferation. Our comprehensive approach utilizes various methods and systems, including enzyme catalyst fogging and bacterial treatments. If you own property in Eastham, MA, or surrounding areas, consult with our team of experienced professionals to assess the extent of the mold issues. We’ll put together a strategy to remove the contaminants effectively. 

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