Mold Removal Services For Residents & Businesses

Cotuit Massachusetts is home to one of Cape Cod’s Oldest Summer Resorts, The Pines. Cotuit is primarily residential with several small beaches including Ropes Beach, Riley’s Beach, The Loop Beach and Oregon Beach. Mold Doctors can facilitate a variety of Mold/Germ removal and remediation services for Cotuit residents and business with top tier services.

We can perform home mold inspections, mold removal, and mold odor control services as well as bacterial treatments for pest infestations. Contact us for more information about our process and our prices. Our skilled team can assess and diagnose any mold damage and provide you with the most time and cost efficient solution. Upon completion we test all jobs to ensure that the mold has been successfully treated and mitigated.

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 If you see or suspect that there is mold in your home or business, contact a mold removal & remediation specialist for service in Cotuit!

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Learn more about our areas of service on the Cape and South Shore area that so that we can help with any of your mold removal & remediation for residential and commercial as well as odor & germ control services.