Mold Removal & Remediation Services For Centerville Residents

Centerville Massachusetts was originally named Chequaquet which means “pleasant harbor”. Centerville is home to the award winning, independent Four Seas Ice Cream Shop which is located on South Main Street. Mold Doctors is proud to service Centerville and Cape Cod with professional mold remediation services. We perform home mold inspections, mold removal, and mold remediation services. Our skilled technicians can are able to diagnose and spot any signs mold damage in your home while providing you with the most time and cost efficient solutions. The Mold Doctors will test all jobs after the remediation process to assure that the mold has been successfully treated and mitigated.

Our Mold Remediation Services in Centerville, MA

Free Visual Inspection and Mold Testing

We know that the financial side of things can always be an issue. Before hiring our services, we can provide you with a free visual inspection. If your team suspects that more testing is required, we can send samples to a testing and consulting lab. They will investigate the indoor air quality and detect allergens and toxicity levels. From this point, depending on what our test shows, you can discuss the next steps with the Mold Doctors team. 

Non-Invasive Mold Removal 

Mold Doctors provides both invasive and non-invasive mold removal services. Our non-invasive removal services consist primarily of HEPA vacuuming, surface wiping, and HEPA air filtering. This process can be effective in decontaminating building materials with surface materials – this can include wood, glossy painted wood, metal, ceramics, glass, and more).

Invasive Mold Remediation

Our deep remediation mold services work for the more invasive mold types. This can include removing building materials that have been contaminated and are no longer usable. Moisture infiltration can penetrate walls and generate mold inside the cavities. Especially with flooding and leaks, there can be severe material damage that requires invasive remediation. 

Additional Services

In addition to our removal services above, we also offer some more intensive decontamination services. For example, our partnership with Bay State Biosweep provides cost-effective decontamination services for a range of services – including the eradication of indoor odors, fungi, smoke, ash pollen, and more. 

Contact The Mold Removal & Remediation Experts In Centerville, MA!

If there are signs of mold, calling removal professionals like Mold Doctors is the best possible solution. If you see mold, mold removal & remediation should be applied to ensure the material is okay to be used. We will provide an optional independent 3rd party post-inspection by a certified environmentalist to inspect and test all work performed. We also will provide an option for The Mold Doctors to provide a posttest to inspect and test all work performed. This assures the home is remediated to the Scope of Work that was provided, and you can rest assured that your home’s air quality (excluding attics where a lift tape will be taken) is at a normal healthy level for you and your family!

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