How to Prevent Mold Growth in the Winter

Winter has finally arrived in the South Shore and the Cape. During the winter, we love our snowball fights, skiing, and Christmas trees and it is a great season where we gather our family, friends, food, and mold. Did you say mold? Mold growth can happen frequently in your home throughout the winter season.

Before we can explore our options of preventing mold, we should take a look at what causes mold growth in cold weather. One common cause is the increase in temperature but no airflow inside your home. With the seal tight window, the condensation sticks around and creates a great environment for mold. Decaying leaves and dead plant matter are also great places for mold to develop and easily released into the air. In the winter, snow and rain can bring moisture in and out of the house and if the water is not cleaned, mold can develop quickly.

So in order to prevent mold growth, here is a list of things you can do.

  • Keep your humidity below 70%. You would not want your house to be too cool or too moist. If you can keep your temperature and humidity at balance, you can easily prevent mold growth.
  • It is important to keep a good circulation in your home. Open your windows when the weather is sunny. Use fans when showering, washing dishes, any time when moisture is brought into the house.
  • Make sure to inspect your basement for any moisture. If you see moisture, check on your drainage system. If there are pipes or appliances that are broken, replace them immediately.

The key to prevent mold growth is to keep everything as clean and dry as possible. You can do this through maintenance of your home and temperature control.

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