How to Prevent Mold Allergies?

Mold Removal in Cape Cod 

There are many people currently affected by mold allergy especially children and elders. Mold is fungi that reproduce and grow using spores to travel through the air.

What is a Mold Allergy?

Mold can reproduce rapidly in dry or wet climates as they only need water and warmth. Mold can be found often in the bathroom, kitchen, and basement of someone’s home. A study shows that at least one in three children is allergic to mold.

Symptoms of a Mold Allergy

The symptoms of a mold allergy are similar to a cold or other common allergies, someone who is allergic to mold is likely to experience sneezing, itching, coughing, runny nose and more. Things could get worse if the mold spores reach your lungs and trigger asthma and lung infections. These problems can be life-threatening if not treated immediately. If you feel your hay fever symptoms are worse when you are in a moldy area like the bathroom, you are extremely likely to have a mold allergy.

How to Prevent Mold?

There is no cure for the allergy, however, you can prevent more mold from reproducing in your home.

  • Lower humidity – If the indoor humidity is more than 50%, mold will live and continue to reproduce. You can measure the humidity using a hygrometer and keep it below 35%
  • Improve air ventilation throughout the house
  • Use a dehumidifier

Contact a Mold Removal Specialist in Yarmouth, MA

When you have prevented mold from growing, contact a mold removal specialist like Mold Doctors in West Yarmouth, Barnstable, Dennis, Hyannis, Osterville, MA to remove any mold in your home. There is no need to test if the mold is safe to people because there is no type of mold that is safe for people to breathe in. Thus, contact a mold removal expert like Mold Doctors to clean and get rid of any mold in your home. These specialists have the knowledge and equipment to removal mold completely. Call 508-534-9091 to get a free estimate.



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