How To Know If You Have Mold Growth

No matter who you are or where you come from, Mold is dreaded. Nobody wants to see it, talk less, smell it, and you don’t want to smell it; it stinks. Mold spreads fast and gets in all kinds of places, from our clothes and furniture to our food, and this can lead to health complications and reduce property value. Some people sold their houses for much less than anticipated due to mold growth. So the question on your mind must be, how can you stop it, and how can you know if you have mold growth? To answer your inquiry, here are some signs to help you see if you have mold growth.

What Causes Mold Growth?

So what exactly is Mold, and what causes it? Mold is a natural fungal that spreads by releasing spores indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, the spores spread and help break down dead organic materials such as Fallen leaves and dead tree bark, but indoors, it can lead to several complications. The growth of Mold indoors is caused by various factors such as moisture, temperature, the materials available, and the presence of mold spores. Out of all of these factors, the mold spores are the ones you can affect the least, while moisture, on the other hand, is just as influential and can be impacted by you. Molds can grow anywhere but are primarily found in places such as Attics, basements, door frames, and sinks.


Wherever there’s moisture, you find life. Since Mold is a fungus and fungi live in this, it stands to reason that it is found in wet or moist places. These places come in contact with water, and much moisture can gather. If you notice an increase in condensate, especially during cold weather or humid conditions, it is reasonable to assume that mold growth is just a little behind.


The presence of lead, either from damaged pipes or leaky roofs, is a red flag. This means that the moisture around the leak will continue to grow and eventually lead to mold growth. Some of the leaks seep into cracks in the wall and wood, allowing the Mold to grow without being quickly noticed. This Mold gets carried along with the rest of the water, which the resident will drink, leading to health complications.

Visible Mold Growths

Sometimes, seeing is believing, and seeing visible Mold is the most obvious sign. This Mold can come in different colors, like red, green, and purple, and must be removed before it can spread.

Musty Smell

One of the signature signs of the presence of Mold is the smell. This smell is caused by the presence of what is called a microbial volatile organic compound. The smell of mold growth is distinctive, and it is one of the ways of tracking mold underneath carpets and behind wallpaper.

Moisture Stains

Due to leaks, several moisture stains will remain. By the time there is a leak above, some moisture seeps into the roof, becoming a site for mold growth. Therefore, if you see moisture stains, be alert and begin to look for the presence of Mold. The characteristic water strain on the walls and ceilings causes these stains.

Hire Mold Doctors in Cape Cod and the South Shore

Always be on the lookout for Mold, especially since it isn’t good for your health. If you are looking for a way to get rid of Mold, get the help of professionals. Mold Doctors is a professional service skilled in Mold removal, serving residents on Cape Cod and the South Shore.