How to Avoid Mold This Spring

Spring is finally here in New England and many homeowners are cleaning up their yard and home. While it is important to clean up any debris in your yard, it is also important to not overlook any mold that might emerge throughout your home. Spring brings in warmer weather and although we welcome it with open arms, molds also thrive in this temperature. Another thing to be mindful of is the moisture level you have in your home. As long as you can control the moisture level, mold prevention should be a little bit easier. Check out these few tips that will keep your home mold free in the spring.

  • In areas like the kitchen and bathroom with a high level of moisture, make sure you mop up any extra moisture and look out for any water leaks.
  • Retain a low humidity indoors of about 30% to 50%. By having a low humidity, it can decrease the amount of mold that will build up in your home.
  • Dry up any water spills in the house to avoid mold from growing because mold can grow with a small amount of moisture.
  • Place plants to increase oxygen and reduce CO2 levels in the house

By following these 4 tips, it can reduce the chance of mold growth and improves the air quality in the house. If you ever encounter mold in your home, DO NOT attempt to remove them yourself because it takes years of experience to determine if the mold is toxic. Contact a professional and licensed mold removal expert today. If you are in the South Shore or Cape Cod area looking for a mold removal specialist, call Mold Doctors today at 855-MOLD DOC for a free consultation.

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