How to Avoid Mold Problems in the Winter?

Homeowners often associate mold with the warmer and wetter seasons and tend to overlook mold prevention in winter. However, it is a surprise to many that mold often grows faster during the winter months due to a lack of circulation from closed windows and doors. The moisture that is also kept in is perfect for mold growth and it can make people living under the space sick.

When you find mold near an area that is humid, calling a mold cleaning specialist like Mold Doctors is the best option to keep your family healthy. However, it is crucial to prevent mold from reproducing by regular inspections and prevention.

Here are a few tips to prevent mold in the winter

  • Keep everything dry and clean by using dehumidifiers and open the windows if the air outside is drier than air inside
  • Ensure there is a good ventilation within the building and lower the humidity and temperature as molds don’t grow in these conditions
  • Remove standing water and insulate your water pipes to make sure they don’t leak or burst because of the frigid New England weather.

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