How Do You Identify Mold Issues That Need More Attention ?

Have you ever walked down to your basement for your weekly laundry wash, and experienced a disturbing moldy musk after rainfall?  It could be that mold is developing in your basement. Mold odor in the home, is not something you should ignore. Once dampness has seeped into spaces that have little ability to dry, mold spores in the home become inevitable.

Besides smelling a mold odor, there are other ways to signal an indication of a mold problem. To be able to visibly see mold growth even if it is a minuscule patch, it’s a cause for concern. The reason behind that small patch of mold you see is that it has the ability to grow into larger patches and spread. It also signifies a much larger problem because of the possibility of a mold colony growing within the walls.

If you’ve had any issues with water leaks over the last few months and have experienced leaks near the sinks of your home and basement, then this is a clear sign you may have mold. Sometimes the mold may not be blatant in sight because the leaks are hidden behind walls and in areas not visible to the human eye.

If you’ve experienced condensation in your room or a specific area of your home, then you may have mold growing in your home.  Do your windows fog up despite there being no fog outside? Does this specific room or space feel more humid than the rest of the house?  Humidity condensed in a room may be enough to determine mold growing in the space and should be inspected especially if the doors to this space are often closed allowing no air to circulate.

If you have been exposed to mold and are suffering from symptoms like sneezing, headaches and other allergy symptoms this means the mold growth in your home has become toxic to the point where it is affecting you and possibly your family.

Once the mold has reached a toxic potential you should contact a mold remediation specialist because it should be removed. If you believe your home has been exposed to mold and needs to be inspected by a professional!

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