family setting up the christmas tree

Holiday Mold Problems

family setting up the christmas tree

When it comes to the holidays, people become extra festive and tend to buy everything that is holiday related. People’s houses fill up with the scent of the holiday season as they buy holiday cookies, decors, and of course, there is nothing quite like a real Christmas tree. But what people don’t realize is that a lot of these decors, especially real evergreen Christmas trees, can cause a lot of allergic reactions.

Mold spores are mostly to be blamed for these allergic reactions and the longer you have the decors and tree inside your house, the more they will continue to grow and accumulate. Another thing to be concerned about is the storage space the decors came from (if not new). If the decors were stored in a place that is not air conditioned, it might be prone to moisture, dust, and mold.


Taking precautions this holiday season is highly suggested. One thing that can surely lessen allergic reactions is by cutting short the amount of time the decors and tree are in your home. Although the holiday season is pretty long, you can always opt in to take down the decors inside your home if it is causing you or your loved ones allergic reactions.

If you are really into the holidays and just cannot part ways with your decors and tree, the next best thing that you can do is to use an air purifier. If you use a HEPA air filter, you might have more chances of reducing the mold spores that are coming off your Christmas tree.

Other safety precautions like shaking off the natural tree before bringing it inside your home may help lessen the dead leaves and mold spores or using a leaf blower on your Christmas decors can take care of the dust it collected over time. It is important to heed caution especially if you or your loved ones have mold allergies.

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