girl holding cleaning materials

Growth Season for Molds

girl holding cleaning materials

In Cape Cod, spring means wet basements, and, as a result, lots of molds. In some areas, the spring mold problem is worse than in others. In Massachusetts and the rest of New England, the spring season is also the mud season. As the snow melts and the rain comes we are left with muddy, wet conditions, and the same conditions that lead to mud can, of course, lead to mold in many people’s homes. 

Spring is in the air and with it comes the mold. Which means; mold allergy problems will be on the rise. These allergic reactions increase in the spring. The weather is beginning to heat up outside, creating the perfect environment for mold growth. Some molds are very hard to remove and can be toxic to people, especially those with allergies. It’s probably best to know the signs of mold infestation and call a professional immediately to remove an infestation.

Why Mold Doctors?

So keep an eye out for mold in your home or basement! If you think there might be mold growth call the Mold Doctors of Cape Cod for a Free visual inspection. If we find any mold at all, we will remove it in the safest and most effective way possible.

We service all towns on the Cape including Provincetown, Truro, WellfleetEastham, OrleansChathamHarwichDennisCentervilleHyannis, and Osterville. If you need Mold Remediation and Removal anywhere on the Cape or South Eastern MA, Call the Mold Doctors right away, before the problem becomes harmful to you and your family!

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