Preventing Frozen Pipes

Without proper care and preparation, frozen pipes can burst and cause a great deal of damage to any property.  Not only is this a costly and an extremely inconvenient mistake, it can lead to other issues such as severe water damage and mold.  As we all know, mold is fueled by damp, moist areas that give it life and the ability to spread throughout the interior of your home.  Below are some basic tips for actions to take to prevent pipes from bursting and keeping your home healthy and mold-free.

  • Remove and store hoses and close water valves to ensure that no water drips or lingers.
  • Double check all areas in your home where there could be exposed piping and be sure that they are not subjected to harsh or cold temperatures.
  • Purchase pipe sleeves for exposed sections or even use old newspaper as insulation.
  • Confirm that all doors and windows close securely and are not allowing cold drafts inside.
  • Install a thermometer next to any potentially at-risk piping so you are able to check the temperature of that particular area on a regular basis.

Basic tasks such as these allow you to effectively monitor and prevent any frozen piping and any damage that results from it.  If you do find yourself facing water damage and are concerned about mold inside your home, contact us today and our crew will happily travel throughout Cape Cod, MA and beyond to provide an inspection.

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