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Exposing Mold Myths

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Do you cringe at the thought of large mold spores growing in your home? If you thought ‘yes’, congratulations-the primitive portion of your brain is alerting: Danger! Mold is a very common annoyance, and it’s also very unsafe! Some molds are associated with huge health risks especially if one is exposed for a prolonged period.  So, all things considered, getting the facts straight on this pesky issue is essential. Here, we have 3 common myths to debunk, so you can start to expunge this funky fungus.

MYTH 1: You need a professional to clean mold

Go ahead, put the checkbook down. Mold is (thankfully) something you can take care of yourself. The CDC recommends cleaning the mold with water and detergent, then, drying the area (emphasis on drying). Mold is a living fungus that grows and spreads in moist places. If you have a moisture problem, or poor ventilation and/or condensation, then you’re likely to have a mold problem sooner than later.

MYTH 2: Mold always has an odor

Have you ever heard that mold smells musty? Well, it turns out this isn’t always the case. One might feel lucky that mold doesn’t always smell as bad as it looks; however, out of sight out of mind could take a turn for the worst. Undealt with mold could mean a bigger and more dangerous issue. Mold can carry a strong dirt-like smell that will not fade even with proper ventilation, but mold can also be odorless.  Early detection and cleanup are key to keep mold from spreading, so it’s important to check susceptible areas often. Remember, mold and humidity are the best of friends; so, the most likely places you’ll find mold are dark and moist!

MYTH 3: Mold affects everyone the same

Like many other substances in the world, people react differently to mold. Just because mold doesn’t land you a trip to the hospital, doesn’t mean it can’t cause serious illness in someone else in your household. If you have been exposed to mold and are experiencing itchy eyes, a hive-like rash, or a runny-nose you may be allergic to mold. The CDC warns that people with a compromised immune system are especially at risk for injury- some reactions could entail fever and respiratory issues.

All in all, the mold is something that you’ll more than likely deal with in your lifetime. Hopefully, these debunked myths will help you face mold like a pro. And remember, better safe than sorry- when the spores grow, you should know! If you are looking for highly-trained professionals who know molds in and out, call us Mold Doctors now or head on over to our website to learn more!

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