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Experiencing Mold Allergies?

Mold can grow in any place where there is a lot of moisture. It can grow both indoors and outdoors. Mold can be commonly found in bathrooms, basement, or walls that have a leak. It has a musty odor and might cause health problems to those who live with it.

Many people who have health problems in the presence of mold are allergic to mold. However, people who were not may become allergic to mold when mold was found and exposed to the people.

Here are some common symptoms affected by mold:


Wheezing is a sign of shortness of breath. It is caused by air unable to move freely in and out of lungs. One of the main reasons why wheezing could happen is because allergens like mold caused narrowed airways. It is recommended to cover your nose while breathing in a place that has mold.

Runny Nose, Itchy Eyes, and Coughing

All of these symptoms are caused by the nasal passages obstructs the free flow of air in and out of it and fluids are released. When you have a runny nose, your eyes start to get itchy and watering, and coughing starts to occur. Although, there are many causes for these inflammations such as allergies and dust, yet, mold can certainly be a factor to such infections.

Skin Rashes

If you touched mold recently, it can cause rashes on the skin. That could also lead to conditions like eczema and hives. It is suggested to get over the counter medicine that could cure these rashes.

Recommended Medication

Getting medication could be a short term treatment but in order to fully remove mold, you should consult a professional and licensed mold specialist like Mold Doctors. We can perform a free mold inspection and help you remove mold completely. Mold Doctors would also give you tips to prevent mold from growing again in the future. We are proud to serve Dennis, Barnstable, Chatham, Yarmouth, and other areas in Cape Cod and the South Shore. Contact us at 508-534-9091 to schedule an inspection.

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