Do Air Purifiers Actually Help to Prevent Mold from Growing?

After a long winter in the South Shore and Cape Cod area, spring has finally arrived, and it has brought a lot of rain ever since April. Many homeowners might have thought of purchasing an air purifier to get rid of the excessive moisture at home. Also, some people might believe that allergies will suddenly stop when you use an air purifier, however, that is just a part of allergy control. It is important to keep your doors and windows open to increase air circulation and helping the air purifier eliminate particles at a faster rate

In order to stop mold, it is essential to learn about the common causes of mold. Although not all mold is dangerous, yet no mold is good for your health. Mold will need oxygen, moisture, warmth and darkness to grow and survive in your home. However, moisture is the most important factor in whether mold will grow or not.

Common causes of mold:

  • Leaking Roofs – Rainwater might leak into the attic, an area with low traffic and mold could develop with the excess moisture.
  • Poor Air Circulation – If you have poor air circulation in a room, there is a chance that mold can grow from stagnant moisture
  • Leaking Pipes – Mold can start growing from the moisture caused by leaking pipes, especially the pipes hidden from view such as the ones in the walls.

To use air purifiers most effectively, it should be used in areas that are constantly dampened such as basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. Air purifiers will filter most of the spores in the air, however, they do not resolve the underlying problem of mold growth.

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