COVID-19 Remediation Services

Mold Doctors can treat your home, office, or workspace for COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Our electrostatic disinfection service uses a list n disinfectant EPA approved product for use against COVID-19 Coronavirus it is also effective on 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, is food grade safe and contains no VOCs. We also offer an alternative treatment that uses an EPA approved product that is listed to eliminate COVID-19 by physically wiping all high traffic and contact areas.

We can combine our electrostatic disinfectant service or our cleaning treatment (wiping high traffic areas) with our exclusive Biosweep Surface Defense Treatment that will give you safe and complete disinfection with long time surface protection. Mold Doctors can customize a plan depending on your needs (one room, high touch areas, or an entire home, office, or building).

covid19 surface defense

ATP Testing & Surface Defense

Mold Doctors can also perform ATP testing for verification, monitoring, or cleanliness. This testing is usually performed on counters, fridge, door handles, sink, faucets (high touch surfaces). Results are available immediately. Contact us by phone, email, or contact form today, as supplies are limited!

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