Could You Be Getting Sick From Mold In Your Air Conditioner

Now that the weather is getting warm, is the time that many Mass residents start turning up their cooling systems, in preparation for a hot summer. Some homes face the challenge of still being humid, despite having a cooling system that is intended to keep them cool, and the air at a comfortable level.  So what could be wrong, why would there be a problem?

You would think that the air conditioner you’ve been harboring in the attic, will solve your problem to the humidity.  Could it be that the air conditioner is what is causing the humidity, in addition to causing mold to grow in the inside of your home.

Air Conditioners Can Be the Reason For Your Mold Problem

If you are unable to keep the humidity down in your home, what most likely will occur is that mildew and mold will begin to grow in the ducts of your air conditioning system. If this happens, your AC system will house mold spores, along with other microbes like dust that can make its way into your air ducts. It is important that you as a home owner regularly change the filters on your air conditioners. If this does not happen, you may develop what is called a “sick house “. Sick because the people residing in the home with mold in the air cooling system may develop symptoms of sickness such as headaches, nausea, watery eyes, skin disorders and tiredness.  You as a home owner might not even be aware this is happening.  If there is moisture accumulated in the home mold could be the culprit.  It could be affecting many areas in your home that has exposure to the cooling system,hence how allergies form.

If you believe that this could be the case in your home don’t hesitate to Contact Mold Doctors for a home inspection to determine if you have mold in your AC system.

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