Attic Mold Remediation in Marshfield MA

Yesterday, June 3rd, the Mold Doctors serviced an attic in Marshfield, MA that was in great need of mold remediation. Just look at the widespread mold growth in the before photo!

Moldy attic interior before Mold Doctors service
Moldy attic interior before Mold Doctors service


Look at all that mold! Breathing in that attic may have caused serious health problems– and as time went on, the house itself may have been just as dangerous.

The widespread growth of this mold was not caused by anything unusual, or some structural defect like a leaky roof. All it took was humidity, poor ventilation, and time. The humid air was able to condense on the attic’s interior surfaces, causing the mold to absolutely explode. These are optimal conditions for mold growth, so it only takes a few mold spores and enough time for coverage like this to develop.

Mold Doctors remediation technicians were called to the scene, and assessed the challenge. All told, the project took a full day to complete. At the end, the customers were left with an attic that looks as good as the day it was constructed!

Clean attic interior after Mold Doctors service
Clean attic interior afterMold Doctors service


What a massive difference! That attic is much less dangerous than it was before, so our customers can rest easy knowing that their attic is free of disease-causing mold.

If you suspect mold presence in your home, or have found mold, seek professional mold remediation service. Mold Doctors will provide a free visual inspection, and can recommend an appropriate remediation strategy for you. Call us today at 855-MOLD DOC, or locally at (508) 534-9091, or contact us online.

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